Web3 Music Streaming Platform ’Tracks’ Expands to LG TVs


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Over the years, our way of consuming music has changed. From vinyl records to CDs to digital streaming services. With the rise of the Web3 movement and blockchain technology, we are seeing yet another evolution within the music industry.

Tracks, a revolutionary new product. Web3 musicStreaming dApps developed by LABEL Foundation, a leading provider of high-quality music on the BNB Chain, is a leader in the field. This app has now broken new ground with the launch of LG Smart TVs worldwide, running webOS 22 or webOS 23.

Music Streaming in a New Era

The LG Smart TV platform is now offering a Web3 Music App, which could revolutionize the way we listen to music.

‘Tracks’ offers users complimentary access to curated music playlists and visuals. The service offers rewards for listening time. The platform is designed primarily for Generation ZA group of people who express their moods with music and images.

Since its launch in July the mobile dApp boasts over 150,000 users, with 10,000 of them active daily.

Users First

Tracks is different from other music services because it focuses on the user. This dApp aims not to prioritize content providers but to provide a personalized and immersive music experience to its user. Tracks’ sustainable revenue model is in line with the current trend for Free Ad-Supported Television, and it plans to expand revenue strategies within this area.

Tracks’ partnership with LG has enabled it to break through the limitations of paid streaming, and increase music accessibility. The app is available for free on LG Smart TVs, allowing users easy access to their favorite music.

Tracks is available on mobile devices, web browsers and LG Smart TVs.

Web3 and Web2: Bridging the gap

Tracks’ partnership with LG not only expands its user base but also bridges the gap between Web3 and Web2 services. With this collaboration, users can switch between traditional TV content and Tracks’ Web3 music streaming without extra effort or cost.

Tracks, with its innovative approach and rapid development, is on the right track to becoming a leading platform both in the Web3 music industry and Web2 music market. In addition, as we have learned, the music industry is a very dynamic one. reportedLG has filed a patent application for a television that facilitates NFT trading.

LG’s NFT TV could connect with an NFT marketplace server, allowing users to preview artwork and complete purchases directly through a linked Web3 wallet.

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