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The Georgia Museum of Art will present the exhibition from February 10 to June 16 2024. “Richard Prince: Tell Me Everything”

Source: Georgia Museum of Art · Image: Richard Prince, “Tell Me Everything (Interior)” (detail) · © Richard Prince

“Tell Me Everything”Features artist Richard Prince’s most recent suite of works based on the joke archives of influential 20th-century American comedian Milton Berle (1913 – 2000). Berle, who had a career that spanned over eight decades, recorded jokes in index cards and filed them by subject. Prince, an avid book and rare manuscript collector, bought four cabinets of thousands of Berle’s jokes at a Los Angeles auction. The jokes are not visible to the viewer, but the enlarged images created from this archive show the importance of jokes for communicating ideas about everyday topics, taboos and broader cultural norms. 

Prince began to reappropriate old jokes into his work in the 1980s. He used handwritten jokes at first, and then created large monochromatic canvasses with silkscreens displaying individual jokes. The title of his exhibition was inspired by a joke he found in a secondhand bookstore: “I went to see a psychiatrist. He said, ‘Tell me everything.’ I did, and now he’s doing my act.”The exhibition was curated by Shawnya HarrisLarry D. Thompson and Brenda A. Thompson Curator for African American and African Diasporic art

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