Sony Introduces a feature similar to NFT for Storing Pictures

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The Japanese electronics company Sony has introduced a new feature that allows creators to own “digital birth certificates” for photographs captured with Sony cameras. The new feature mirrors NFTs’ core concepts and the underlying blockchain technology.

The feature was Sony CES 2024, currently being held in Las Vegas. Incorporated with the Sony camera’s hardware, the feature will entail the creation of a machine-based digital signature. This new function allows images and videos captured by a Sony camera to be uniquely tracked and validated.

The new functionality allows photojournalists to maintain the authenticity and integrity of their content. It also helps to fight the rise of deep-fakes, which use artificial intelligence to manipulate videos, images, and audios to create fake, convincing outputs. Reiterating this fact, Sony Electronics’ president and COO, Neal Manowitz, said at the event:

“While the rapid evolution of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) brings new possibilities for creative expression, it has also led to growing concern about the impact of altered or manipulated imagery in journalism. The dissemination of false information and images has real-world social impact that brings harm not only to our photojournalist and news agency partners but to society as a whole.”

Sony announced in its announcement that this feature will be rolled out in a software update for its Alpha 9 III Alpha 1 and Alpha 7S III models in 2018.

Sony has admittedly not compared their newly introduced feature with NFTs. However, the functionality is similar to an NFT. It serves as digital proof for authenticity of an item.

Sony has shown interest in NFTs before. Registering for a PatentThis feature allows gamers to transfer NFTs between games. Time will tell whether photojournalists or other users will somehow integrate non-fungibility in the narrative.

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