Sky Mavis Teases New features in “Axie Infinity Homeland”


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Excitement is mounting in the gaming world as Sky Mavis teases the Beta launch of ‘Axie Infinity: Homeland’, unwrapping a host of fresh features.

Poised to enhance the blockchain gaming experience significantly, the introduction of the Axie ecosystem’s ‘New Delegation Marketplace’ is a game-changer. Players can look forward to a more efficient and streamlined management of their in game assets and collaborations.

Other upcoming enhancements include the integration of ‘Axie NFTs‘ and ‘Material Quality Stats’, as well as an overhauled ‘AXS Reward Loop’ and improved ‘Earning Mechanics’. 

Explore the Land Delegation Marketplace

The Land Delegation Marketplace will enable ‘Landowners’ to create delegation contracts, opening up New Play-to Earn possibilitiesPlayers can manage their virtual property more effectively.

Notably, this intriguing update significantly changes the game dynamics by empowering ‘Stewards’ with access to unused Homeland plots. It introduces flexible reward distribution options, delegation periods and termination policies.

This new system in Homeland Beta enhances the community aspect of game by encouraging collaboration and teamwork between players. 

NFT Axies in an Exciting 3D World

The ‘Axie Management Panel’ will be a crucial tool in this process, allowing for efficient management and integration of these digital assets — replacing the game’s default characters and adding depth through increased utility and value. 

Additionally, the AXS Reward Loop and an updated in-game ‘Quest System’ are set to engage players further, tailored to accommodate various playing styles. 

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