OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, has banned US presidential candidate bot


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OpenAI is the creator of Artificial intelligence (AI).Chatbot sensation ChatGPT, has suspended the accounts of a third party developer for violating their policies by using AI to create a conversational robot in support of the Presidential campaign of Rep. Dean Phillips(D-Minn.).

Reports indicate that the developer account belongs to Silicon Valley startup Delphi. The Washington Post. It had been contracted by We Deserve Better, a Super PAC founded by tech entrepreneurs to back the longshot Phillips campaign, to create “Dean.Bot” – a ChatGPT-powered website that could chat with voters in real time and answer their questions about the candidate’s positions.

OpenAI found that even though Dean.Bot disclaimed being an AI tool, it still violated the ban on using conversational models to impersonate a person or for political campaigns. On Friday night (Jan.19) , after The Washington Post published an article detailing the Dean Phillips chatbot, OpenAI suspended Delphi’s developer account and access to ChatGPT. Delphi responded by taking Dean.Bot offline.

OpenAI takes Action

An OpenAI spokesperson explained the account suspension by stating: “Anyone who builds with our tools must follow our usage policies. We recently removed a developer account that was knowingly violating our API usage policies which disallow political campaigning, or impersonating an individual without consent.”

OpenAI has taken the first enforcement action known to have been taken in relation to the perceived misuse of ChatGPT, and its AI capabilities, in the context of an US election. While Delphi and We Deserve Better saw Dean.Bot as a transparent, innocuous tool to engage and inform voters, AI ethics specialists have raised alarms over the potential abuse of these technologies to spread misinformation and manipulate democratic processes.

OpenAI has drawn a line in the sand early on when it comes to AI chatbots for campaigns by choosing Delphi over Dean.Bot.

Earlier this month OpenAI outlined a strategy for protecting its powerful large-language and image modelsDuring the many elections scheduled for 2024, bad actors will not be able to weaponize your data.

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