Launchbay Capital raises a $100M VC Fund for secondary growth investment


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Launchbay CapitalFunding for its $100 Million Venture Capital Secondary Growth Fund has been closed.

Launchbay Capital is a London-based company that has more than $300,000,000 under management. It’s a bit of good news Despite the gloomy downward trendVenture investing is an excellent way to invest.

The multi-stage firm includes an early stage access fund, direct investing platform and new
Launchbay Capital is a VC second growth fund that is actively managed. Over 25% of this fund has been committed to by a group early investors.

This marks a strategic rebranding from its former name Digital Horizon. It was first launched in 2018 to better reflect the evolution of a primarily early-stage VC into a multi-stage platform-driven fund management.

Launchbay Capital’s secondary growth fund is focused on creating liquidity in growth stage venture-
The fund aims to support technology companies that could be sold in three to four year. The fund leverages the team’s venture expertise and extensive knowledge of private capital markets to enable active management of
Growth investments that produce high returns on investment for investors, entrepreneurs and founders.

Asked what it will focus on, Launchbay said it will focus on software-as-a-service, FinTech, AI, health tech, space tech and blockchain. Games isn’t a focus area. Each deal will involve an investment between $2 million and 10 million dollars.

Launchbay Capital team

“We’re forging the future of growth equity investments. With increasing complexities of private markets, it is our mission to provide our limited partners with price transparency and liquidity,” said Alan Vaksman, founding partner at Launchbay Capital, in a statement. “Our data-driven valuation methodology allows us to be fully transparent with prices and create accurate, fast-paced roadmaps to liquidity and capital recirculation, both of which are more essential within the current inflationary, post-pandemic market.”

A team of experienced professionals from around the world who have spearheaded early investment in major
brands like Klarna, Lemonade, and others, Launchbay Capital’s strategy for success is
Investment discipline, rigorous data analyses and active portfolio management are the foundations of our investment philosophy.

These founding principals combined with a track record of success allow the firm the agility and resilience needed to successfully execute investment strategies through all market cycles. Launchbay Capital developed a tailored investment solution by analyzing the fundamentals of venture business using proprietary methodology. They also looked beyond trends and had an in-house brokerage team that focused on exits.
A structured investment plan that takes advantage at each stage of the investing process of capital redistribution and liquidity windows.

Unlike traditional venture capital investments that span several decades, Launchbay Capital’s secondary growth fund operates on an investment period of four years, enabling investors to tactically realize returns, recycle capital in a timelier manner and access secondary exit opportunities in addition to traditional avenues like IPO or M&A.

“Traditional VC growth investments continue to face challenges with valuation transparency, long durations and limited liquidity – all issues we believe our new secondary growth fund meets head on. Investors are no longer interested in having their money tied up for decades without valuation transparency and any non-paper return in sight,” said Vaksman. “We write smaller tickets and target growth-stage, venture-backed companies to enable diversification and broader investor participation, but
also to facilitate faster exits through the secondary market itself to provide the capital flexibility today’s
industry currently lacks.”

Launchbay Capital currently manages $300 million across a diverse portfolio of more 55 privately-held global technology companies in fintech, SaaS (software as a service), AI healthcare, and more. The firm, which has successfully led five exits within three years of its founding, places great importance on strategies that will result in capital recycling and propel venture business up to levels before 2020. Its early-stage access fund targets Series A and late Seed funding rounds in fintech and software infrastructure. Meanwhile, its proprietary direct digital investing platform allows access to securities from leading global technology companies on the private market.

Launchbay Capital offers multiple investment solutions, including for early stage investments.
Secondary growth funds, digital platform-based direct investment opportunities, and software solutions for private markets brokers, asset managers, and brokers.

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