Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo Launch a Second Batch of Kokyo Non-Flying Taxis

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Japan Airlines (JAL), in partnership with the Japanese advertising company Hakuhodo has launched a second edition digital collectibles designed to enhance the tourism experience within the country. The Kokyo NFTs will allow the two teams to bring visitors closer with the Japanese culture and places using tokenized real world assets (RWAs).

In February 2023, the two companies joined forces to deploy the first version of the Kokyo NFTsThe collection allows holders to access tokenized experiences in their locality. The collection helped to strengthen the relationship between holders as well as between holders and local businesses. The latest collection incorporates tokenized RWAs as tourists are shown unique experiences not found on guidebooks and websites. The companies classify Japanese activities and crafts as RWAs.

In a statement, the An announcement made:

“The companies view these as RWAs and, by tokenizing such experiences and crafts in six regions of Japan, aim to increase relationship populations and undertake new regional development by appropriately spreading the value of the experiences to more people around the world.”

Holders of Kokyo NFTs are entitled to exclusive hometown experiences within six of Japan’s eight regions. The digital collection has been divided into six categories: Fireworks Cruises, Premium Sakes, Japanese Knives, Samurai Familys, Space Arts, and Kokutoshochu. Each group gives access to local activities in the various regions of the country.

Users can buy the Kokyo NFT using direct fiat deposits or crypto payments using the Ethereum layer-2 solutions Astar zkEVM. After purchasing the collectible, the user will be invited to a private Discord channel where they can connect with other holders and receive exclusive information about the region they’ve invested in.

Japan Airlines’ deepened foray into non-fungibility is not uncommon among airline companies. Other airlines have used NFTs in their services for a variety tasks. Rewarding customersThe following are some examples of how to get started: Easy ticketing. Time will tell whether other airlines adopt NFTs in a similar fashion.

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