Google Chrome adds new AI features for your internet browsing.


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Using the Chrome browserThree new AI-assisted features are set to be released soon, making it easier and more efficient.

Google’s “tab groups” allows users to organize a large number of tabs. With this feature, Chrome will automatically suggest and then create groups based on what tabs you have open – especially useful if you’re working on multiple projects at once or planning a trip where you’re, say, researching hotels and trying to find the best restaurants. 

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Google says that to use this feature you will simply right-click an open tab and choose “Organize Similar Tabs.” The browser AI will group tabs that have similar topics, suggest a name, and even an emoji, to make it easier to find.

Chrome adds an additional layer of security. AI-powered writing assistantThe company claims that this will help users write more confidently in public spaces, such as an online review, social media post or email to a business. Users can select “Help Me Write” by right-clicking any text field on Chrome. After you type in a few words the AI will understand your message and help you polish it. 

Last but not least, capitalize on the AI-generated wall paper craze that was started by the Google Pixel 8Chrome is introducing the ability to create themes using AI. Like the phone feature, users can create themes by selecting words from a pre-selected list. Themes can be created based on moods and colors, or art styles. Google provided an example of an “aurora borealis animated style with a tranquil” mood.

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To create an AI-created theme in Chrome, go to the “Customize Chrome Panel” on the left, select “Change Theme” and then click “Create With AI.”

Google says the tab manager and theme generator will be available in the next couple of days. The writing assistant won’t arrive until next month.

Google said that it would be adding more AI and machine learning capabilities later this year. These will include integration of its latest technologies. AI model Gemini.

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