Everything You Need to Know About Jupiter’s $JUP Airdrop on Solana


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Today, January 31, the Solana decentralized Exchange aggregator JupiterReleases its long-awaited token, $JUP. Following on from founder weremeow’s $WEN, which was airdropped to people who have been active on Solana, JUP’s official token is available to people who used Jupiter Exchange before November 2023. Here’s a rundown of who qualifies, how to claim, and more.

The claim starts at 10 am EST on Jan. 31—and before that time, you can check how much your wallet will receive at their claim website—lfg.jup.ag. If you are using Phantom Wallet then you can claim directly within Phantom. (It will inform you of how many $JUPs to claim, and take you straight to the claim page.

You will need a little bit of Solana to claim–and transaction fees may spike when the claim opens. Claims are open until July 31, so don’t worry if you are away from your wallets (or remember a wallet you completely forgot about)!

The first 1.35 billion tokens are available at a price of.4032 USDC. The top price is.69 USDC. There’s more information about the tokenomics, release procedure, and how tokens held by the project will be controlled linked on the claim website.

There will be ten billion $JUP tokens in existence, with four billion slated to be released to $JUP users over a period spanning years, so if you didn’t get any airdrop this time in your Solana wallet, keep using the exchange, and it’s likely you’ll get some in future.

Although the price of weremeow’s $WEN token has been quite volatile this week, there are positive signs for $JUP. AlliumLabs, a blockchain data provider, has released a report.Jupiter Exchange has the most active users on all blockchains. It surpasses products like PancakeSwap or Uniswap.

The anonymous founder of Jupiter, weremeow, is unapologetically certain about his strategy for $JUP. He wants to build on the popularity of the protocol over the long term rather than capitalize on the rapid influx in liquidity to Solana during Q4 2023.

“We have chosen to take a pragmatic yet utopian approach, focused on maximum transparency, zero manipulation of liquidity, zero supply squeeze, simultaneous participation, open market price discovery, and for the team to get the capital they need in the most long-term beneficial way possible,” he The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each otherIn a January 31 post on X.

He added: “This open and non-controlled approach obviously leaves a lot of room for chaos and unknowns, but I strongly believe that these dynamics are the right, most retail-friendly, best way to build a community, and long-term advantageous to the project in the long run. It is not just for JUP; we wanted to create a new meta for launching tokens, and we know that if we do not do this for JUP, we will lose our chance to do this forever.”

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